Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This is no longer a beauty blog.

The beauty blog has been cremated.

What a shame.

Didn't it have potential?

I was once inspired. I think I really was inspired.

I am not sure when or how things slipped away. And then it was like quicksand, the initial spark or slightest bit of inspiration disappeared... into nothingness.

The jar became empty, no it wasn't a question of half full or half empty it was really quite empty.

It was a jar of lost hope and lost cause.

But you now how it all happened. It happened because you let it happen.

Was it inevitable?

It is too painful now, to look at this jar, once filled with sparks and honey that glowed under the canopy of smooth comforting leaves.

Mistakes , regret, and pain... they pollute the otherwise clean pristine water in the lake.

It is a thick overgrown forest, where are you running away to my child?

The moon will always shine, and it will always find you, like how when you turn and look up you will find it illuminating your past.

Footsteps are heavy now... rest is needed... a long deep slumber, where I slip into nothingness , where my dreams and hopes lay dormant.

Can you though?

Can you ignore the throbbing pain?